Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday #28

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Unfortunately, I haven't much time for sewing, but I have gotten a few things done over the past few weeks.

One thing I haven't gotten to is Cooper's quilt (it's weird not calling it Goose's Quilt!), so it's still sitting with just a few of the over 600 circles quilted.

Postage Stamp quilting

I've gotten a few things made for myself that make this mommy life a little easier. One is this padded piece for the car seat handle. It's basically just a mini quilt (think mug rug size), but I used four layers of batting.


The shape looks all funny now, but that's because it's been wrapped around the seat handle for a month.


I bound it with ribbon I had on hand, which worked pretty well. I just wrapped it around the edge & sewed both sides down at once. The top side looks pretty nice, but I got in a hurry towards the end & it got messed up a bit on the back side.


I did manage to finish up a nursing cover as well, using the same green fabric.

I also finally managed to finish up my August blocks for the String Me Along Bee. They were much easier than I expected, so I feel even worse about putting them off so long.


Now I'm working on September's block for Sharon. She asked for something made with half square triangles. I've gotten the triangles all sewn together, now I just have to figure out how I want to put it all together.


I'm also still working on a crochet blanket, but I haven't had much time for it lately. One of these days I need to get a picture of it!

And of course, saving the best for last, I can't leave without sharing this:

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  1. What a cutie! I remember when my first son was born, I did not manage to sew anything for at least three month! So hooray to you for getting stuff done. And that car seat handle cover is such a clever idea...

  2. What an adorable little guy!!! Your video totally put a smile on my face :) And the fact that you sewed anything at all with that munchkin around is amazing to me! Your carseat handle is an awesome idea, I will definitely have to remember that when we get ready for more munchkins!

  3. I like your string blocks- great colour!

  4. Oh Bree, he's just beautiful! Makes me wish mine were still that little. Sometimes I think it would be okay to go back to diapers and crying then to deal with drama, but it's all relative!
    I like your little handle cover.

  5. What a cutie!!!! I am still patiently awaiting the finish to Cooper's quilt. I am very excited to see how this turns out :)

  6. I love your hand quilted circles on Cooper's quilt -- what a perfect way to quilt this beautiful quilt!

  7. What, no sewing, what on earth have you been doing with your time...? ;o)

    Great idea for the car seat handle , and love your bee blocks

  8. Yay! so glad you are back. Cooper is too adorable. Love how he goes totally mesmerized when you turn on his activity center!
    Wow, i love the circles on his quilt too. That's ambitious!!

  9. Cooper is so cute! Love your string blocks!

  10. I love the fabrics in you string blocks. Very pretty pinks and lime. That car seat handle is genius. Why didn't I think to do something like that??? Visiting from WIP.
    ~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 

  11. I really enjoy doing the string squares. Not sure when I will do more of those as I have some plans for a jellyroll type quilt right now. Plus I learned another square. (I don't do anything hard at all)

  12. Your son is too cute! I think you have been very productive getting all that done with a new baby. Great idea on the carseat handle. I love that green fabric, I bet your nursing cover is cute. I made myself one out of fabric I really didn't like too much and so I almost never use it. Bad plan. And your string blocks look fabulous as well! Glad to see you back!

  13. I love your string blocks! Excellent job for being originally intimidated. And how do you get it all done while having such an adorable baby too... The carseat handles rock, I always disliked carrying the newborn carseat least this is stylin' and helpful!

  14. The fact that you're sewing at all is great! With my first, we did nothing but take turns holding her and walking the house. She was a "little" fussy. The carseat handle is a great idea!! And your string blocks are so pretty.
    Spend lots of time loving on that little precious!!

  15. Did you say 600 circles? Wow, thats a lot to do, hopefully the smallish size makes them go quicker. Like the colors on the string blocks.


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