Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For baby Charlie

Some friends at church just had their third child, a little boy after two girls. I figured they had most of the baby stuff they need already, but obviously wouldn't have much in the way of clothes to pass down. His name is Charlie, so I couldn't resist making him a little Charlie Brown outfit!

First of all, do you realize how hard it is to find plain colored onesies? Especially yellow ones! And finding plain black (non-dress) pants wasn't easy either. So what's a girl to do? Dye them, of course! :)

I started out with this:


In hindsight, I wish I had gone with darker pants to start with since I was dying them black, but oh well.


The yellow was brighter before I washed them, since apparently I didn't get all the black dye washed out, but I'm still happy with how it all turned out. The zig zag is a piece of white knit that I dyed black & sewed on.

And of course, every Charlie Brown needs a football! Hopefully his sisters won't play the part of Lucy & pull it out from under him. :)



I used some brown fuzzy stuff for the top & two layers of knit for the back. I originally picked up some football ribbon to make it a little tag blanket, but decided against it. I've got a bunch of the brown left (I picked up a half yard), so I think I'll make one for Coop too, but I'll have to pick up more of the knit (also started with a half yard) since I doubled it up, as well as used it for the stripes & stitches, and the zig zags on the shirt.

I wanted to use brown minky like this blanket from Happy Together, but couldn't find any. I did think about making the full blanket like in the tutorial, but decided I liked the idea of the mini version instead. I made mine a bit different - I decided to sew on the stripes & stitches at the end to help hold the layers together.

In the end, I'm really excited with how it all turned out, and I hope our friends like it! :)


Until next time...


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