Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I finally have a sewing machine to use!

You might notice I didn’t stop after “I finally have a sewing machine.” There’s a good reason for that, - I haven’t actually bought my own yet, but I did borrow one from a woman Nick works with. She offered it up a few months ago when I first started talking about getting my own, but kept forgetting to bring it in to work.

This weekend I mentioned something on FB about not knowing if I should spend my saved money on a new computer or sewing machine because my laptop is slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through chunky peanut butter lately. And by lately I mean over the last year or so. Anyways…it reminded her that she was going to let me borrow hers, so she brought it in for me yesterday. Now I’m itching to get some fabric & start playing.

I do have a couple projects in mind that I want to start with. One should be fairly easy, and something good to start on – curtains. Easy enough, right? I think I want to do tab curtains, but haven’t decided for absolutely sure yet. I found a few fabrics I liked the last time I was out at JoAnn Fabrics, but hadn’t measured the windows, so I didn’t have any idea how much I should buy.

Now that I’ve actually got the machine to do the work (I’ll work on the time & space part later!), I think it’s time to measure up the windows & find some fabric. Last year we found some curtains we really liked at Cabela’s but they were outrageously expensive, which is about the time I decided I could just make them instead. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully we can get some of the house stuff settled soon, so I can take the time to play around with the machine.

The other project I want to tackle is a bit more complex & time-consuming. I want to make us a quilt. Okay, stop laughing, I’m serious! We need a new summer comforter, so I thought maybe I could just make us a light-weight quilt to use during the summer. That way I can do any color combo I want (and can’t seem to find anywhere) & I can make it big enough that we don’t have to fight over it. Sounds like a win-win situation! The only problem I might have is that it’s been years & years & years since I’ve done any sort of quilting, let alone sewing, so it may be a bit of an optimistic project to try to tackle. But, I’ve never been one to try to make things easy on myself. I enjoy a challenge! Or at least so I say before I jump in with both feet.

So, we’ll see where all this goes, when/if I can find the time to work on it. I have one crochet blanket to finish up, another to preferably make before June (but I’m going back & forth on that, or waiting until Christmas), the entry way to finish painting/tiling/door installation, the termite issue to sort out along with all resultant damage control, patio door to re-install, and flooring to go down in the dining room & kitchen. So it’s not like I’m busy, right? :)

Until next time…

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