Friday, July 1, 2011

July: Key Keeper Coin Purse

It's the beginning of another month & you know what that means - another project in the Style Stitches Sew Along! This month we'll be working on the Key Keeper Coin Purse.


I've already told a few of you this, but I'm accepting no excuses for not participating this month! :) Short of the Reversible Everyday Shopper, I think this may be the easiest pattern in the book so far. And honestly, it went together much, much quicker for me than the Everyday Shopper, so it might be even easier. Do not let the zipper scare you! I was able to get mine finished up (including cutting & fusing!) in less than an hour & a half.


This is a pretty adorable little coin purse that goes perfectly with last month's Teardrop Bag. I even used the same fabric for mine.

Key Keeper Coin Purse & Teardrop Bag

I'll share more pictures of my Key Keeper & my full thoughts on the pattern next week. For now though I will tell you one thing, just in case you're thinking about getting started on it this weekend - I don't recommend adding the pocket that is in the pattern, unless you're going to add it to the outside. It won't act as much more than a divider, and personally, I don't think it makes much sense in a coin purse.

This month's giveaway is sponsored by Jill at Envirocraftiness, I'll share more details on that later as well. Jill is another of my very first bloggy friends, so make sure you go check her out!

Remember you still have time to enter your Teardrop Bag, so head over & link up!

I hope all of you in the States have a happy & safe holiday weekend. And of course I hope those of you overseas have a happy & safe weekend as well, but I think you've got better chances of not blowing yourselves up this weekend. ;)

Until next time...


  1. OK, well, seeing as its a small one this month I'll try to keep up, lol!! And I'll even try not to complain about the pattern this time too!

  2. Do you want my excuse? This afternoon I broke my sewing machine. I feel like crying - I was 4" away from finishing the teardrop bag, and I wanted to take it on holiday next week. Sad times indeed.

  3. I too will not complain about July's zip pouch. Bree, you are always way ahead.

  4. No excuses. I promise. ;) I hope to finish my key keeper this week.

    Thank you for hosting this sew-a-long. It's been helping me stay motivated.

  5. Oh it's lovely. I wish I was joining in this challenge, I wish I had the book! Maybe for Christmas...

  6. I've already finished this one!
    It was much easier than I had thought and I agree with you the inner pocker is useless... but I followed instructions step by step and I made it just the same! :)
    I'm longing to link!
    Ciao e tutti!

  7. Haha, I like that you're not taking any excuses. That might be just what I need to hear at this point in my crafting hiatus. At least I know I can always use another little zippered pouch and the fact that it looks nice and easy doesn't hurt either.


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