Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Key Keeper Coin Purse: Completed!

First of all, remember you still have until this Friday to enter your June Teardrop Bag! Go link up if you haven't already!

This month we are working on a coin purse with the same overall style as the Teardrop Bag. I chose to make mine from the same material, but you certainly don't have to. I did think about switching the fabrics to make it opposite the Teardrop bag, but in the end stuck with the same overall look.

Key Keeper Coin Purse & Teardrop Bag

I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly this little coin purse came together. I typically don't get any long stretches of time to sit down & sew, so I fully expected this to take me at least a couple sewing sessions over a few days. But since I'm not sleeping well these days, I've been taking an hour or so at night to work on things, and I couldn't believe I got this finished up in just one evening (and less time than it took to watch Cars!). I'm also happy to say I didn't need to look at any instructions for the zipper, since it seems like I've done quite a few lately. Practice certainly hasn't made perfect yet, but it's not hurting anything either!

Once again, I didn't do the zipper the same as it's called for in the pattern. I added my usual zip ends to help get a cleaner looking top, which usually works for me.

Key Keeper Coin Purse

Key Keeper Coin Purse

(I'm working on another little project right now that involves a zipper so I can take pictures to show you how I add them.)

The pattern calls for a pocket on the inside, but like I mentioned before, I left that out of mine. It just didn't make much sense to me. The opening on this is fairly small & it would really not be much more than a divider, which I didn't see a need for.

Key Keeper Coin Purse

Even without the pocket, I still couldn't get my pleat to look as nice as most of your Teardrop Bags. I seem to be somewhat challenged in that department. Because of that, the shape of mine seems a bit awkward, and I'm kind of surprised by the size of it. It's funny, the Teardrop bag ended up smaller than I expected, and this is bigger than I was expecting. Go figure. :)

Key Keeper Coin Purse

Overall, I think it's an adorable little coin purse, and one that I'm likely to make again. It would be a cute addition if you're making a purse or bag as a gift to make one of these to match.

Good luck with your own Key Keeper Coin Purse this week! Remember you can ask questions & share your fabric & completed coin purses in the Flickr Group.

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  1. Wow!! This is adorably cute, and to make in such little time?? I think I will be making one in the next few weeks!

  2. this bag set is perfect in every aspect! I also have this wonderful book, have made only one bag so far.

  3. Your zipper turned out perfectly. Very nice little coin keeper. I will have to get started on mine.


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