Monday, June 20, 2011

Teardrop Bag: Inspiration

This month is getting away from me again, and I have a feeling the next few will as well! Time for a little inspiration if you're still working on your Teardrop Bag. I finished mine up over the weekend, but I'll wait until later this week to share it.


Even though summer is in full swing now, I still love the fall colors on this bag from weiswomen. Plus the pleat looks just perfect!

Amy Butler Teardrop Bag Large

And another pretty version from weiswomen.

Amy Butler Teardrop Bag Small

Sarabethe didn't use a contrasting fabric for her band or strap, and I love how it looks. I especially like her interior fabrics.



You've still got plenty of time to get your bag done by the end of the month, even if you haven't started yet. This one comes together fairly quickly, and like Sarabethe above, I think my biggest struggle was getting the strap turned out the right way. My best advice is to follow the instructions to leave an opening in the middle of the strap (seemed weird to me, and I'm glad I went against my gut not to do it that way), and use a smaller seam allowance. Using 1/2 inch seam allowance leaves you with a pretty narrow strap that's difficult to turn right-side-out. It's not impossible, but I wish I had just used 1/4 inch allowance instead to make it just a bit wider.

Until next time...


  1. This last one especially turned out nice. Not sure I have time to join up - finally got my Ava bag pattern and I want to make that before the end of the month! :) Will see what I can get in - this one is def. on my to-do list.

  2. Cool! I am not sure if there is hope for me to finish this month, lol!

  3. Thanks for featuring my bags in your inspiration post! The bag with the fall colors was a birthday gift for a friend and I got to keep the other one :-)


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