Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teardrop Bag: Completed!

I had hoped to share this the end of last week, but Mr. Sun has been less than cooperative for me to be able to get decent pictures. Well, not cooperative on my schedule, at least! The nerve...

First let's have a little reminder of what the Teardrop Bag is supposed to look like, since I went a little in my own direction. Anybody surprised?! :)


I chose to make the small version, and I'll be the first to admit I'm a terrible judge of size when looking at finished dimensions on bags & such. And honestly, I'm not even certain I looked closely at the finished dimension before I got started. I knew what fabric I had on hand that I wanted to use (remember, I'm trying to sew all projects from my stash), and I knew I didn't have enough for the large bag. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with how it turned out, and it's really a perfect size if you want a nice, small bag to throw a few things into & run out the door. But for me, it's definitely not big enough (and doesn't have nearly enough pockets!) to be an everyday purse. Good thing I didn't make it with keeping it in mind.

I mentioned before (and had issues!) that I chose to put the pocket on the outside, rather than inside, of my bag. Because of the size, it would have been more of a divider on the inside than a pocket, so I figured it would be more useful on the outside.

Teardrop Bag

I just used pre-made bias tape to edge the top of the pocket to add a little extra contrast. I toyed around with the idea of doing it like the side pockets on the Cosmo Bag, but in the end stuck with the bias tape.

Because of the width of the pocket piece, I couldn't really figure out how best to do the pleat so that the finished width was the same size as the pocket. I'm still not sure how those of you who did the pleats correctly did it, but I'm okay with how mine turned out. The pleat kind of "opens up" to add more space.

Teardrop Bag

The opening of my bag ended up really small, and there was absolutely no way I was getting it in the machine to add the side hips. It's a cute detail, but thankfully I don't really miss them. I don't think they would have interfered with the exterior pocket, if I remember correctly when I was trying to add them, they cam just to the top edge of the pocket.

Teardrop bag

Overall, I think the pattern was a good one. I think this size would be perfect if you wanted to make one for a little girl who loves purses, although you'd probably want to adjust the strap length in that case. I didn't get any pictures of myself holding this purse, but it does fall pretty much the same as it shows in the book photo.

And you know I can't go without saying - I still think this bag was easier than the Cosmo. ;)

Until next time...


  1. I like that fabric. It turned out really good for being so small!

  2. I finally figured out the pleat today. It was my 8th attempt. Turns out you have to press just the top (to where the stitching ends) on the wrong side, the. Flip it over and run the iron down slowly from top to bottom. It sort of pleats itself.

    Due to the extreme amount of time the pleat took (cough-two weeks-cough) I have only completed the exterior but I'll make an effort to get the interior done over the next couple of days to finish by the end of the month. I think I might sew a dividing line down the middle of the pocket to make it a bit more pocket sized.

    I love yours - the idea of putting the pocket on the outside is brilliant!

  3. rofl! Thank you for the review! I hope I can get to mine in time!!

  4. Bree- I like the idea of an outside pocket. Neat! But I think that's where you got into trouble with the pleat. AB's instructions were confusing. I had to re-pleat my interior three times before I got it right! For the exterior of the bag, you pleat only the top. When you get ready to sew it, pin the edges and the bottoms flat (no pleat). This way, the pleat opens up and makes that teardrop shape. For the interior of the bag, because it has that "pocket", you pleat the top AND bottom of the lining (I think that's how you did your exterior?). That way, the pocket panel fits and pins perfectly when you match up the bottom and sides.

    Did that help? lol, it's hard to write about something that's much easier shown in person. Anyway, I really like your fabric choices. So girly and swirly! Are you making your coin purse to match?


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