Friday, August 5, 2011

Fringed Hobo Inspiration

Hey My Crafty Crap readers! Susan here from Living with Punks. I’m overly excited to be sitting in for Bree while she takes a break and has that baby Goose!

Honestly, when I first purchased the Style Stitches book and went through all the bags, the Fringed Hobo was probably my favorite. I seriously thought of dropping everything and running to get some fabric and make it right then and there….then Bree told me about her sew-along and I calmed down a bit and decided to wait…until August! Do you know hard it’s been?

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all my fabric choice for this bag…

fringed hobo 007
Rrrawwrrr…it’s Tula Pinks Parisville and I have had it on my shelf for months now, waiting. I went back and forth on whether to use home dec or not, but since Amy gives the quilting weight option, I decided to save some mullah and stick with the cheaper stuff. Speaking of which…does anyone else think she is overly generous on her fabric yardage requirements? Yikes! Sometimes I have so much left, I can literally make another bag out of it…

Onto the inspiration…

Here are a few Fringed Hobo’s I found floating around…
How completely awesome is this? I love the colors Claire chose… there is something about that interior fabric that really completes it… and that wooden bead fringe? I must have it so my life will be complete.

Sarajmcvey made this beautiful Hobo. Loving that yoke fabric too!

AlisonK318 models this fabulous bag. How fun is that on? So summery!

Mareike23 opted out of the fringe and gave it a more sophisticated look. A button closure was added to secure the top a little better too. Great idea!

Do you have your fabrics picked out yet? What about trim? Trim was the hardest part for me and I think I have it narrowed down, but then again I might go to the fabric store tomorrow!

Until next time…


  1. The first one is my favourite. Love those wooden bead fringe. Good job!

  2. yes, i have an AB shirt pattern that calls for 4 yards of fabric! If it truly takes that, it will be the most expensive shirt I've ever made - lol. And thanks for showing a version without fringe. I'm not a huge fan of the fringe and I really like that last version.

  3. Kate made this with ric rac sticking out along the edge instead of fringe - it's awesome that way too!

  4. Lovely examples of the bag. Is it sad that even though Parisville is an older line I'm just now seeing the hidden face in the left hand fabric? Now I can't un-see it!

  5. Sew Sweetness has a giveaway for amy butler pattern sew-a-long so get sewin' and then link up to win a prize!

  6. where can I get this book from?

  7. So, I was sent your way by Tiffany at This Crafty Fox in search of your zipper end tutorial. Could you pass along the link?

  8. Lindsey - unfortunately you're a no-reply blogger so I can't e-mail you! You should be able to get the book at any bookstore, or online at Amazon. I know some people have even had luck finding a copy at their local library.

  9. What great inspirations photos! I also love the fabrics that you have picked out Susan, that is going to be one stunning bag!

  10. I adore Claire's version with the wood bead fringe! I especially enjoyed reading her article over on The Cottage Revolution about Copyright and Pattern Usage. Thanks for posting all these photos for this Amy Butler Hobo pattern. Very inspirational! I guess I need to buy this pattern! AlisonK318 has some great inspirational creations on her Flickr acct. Thanks again for this great post!


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