Friday, August 19, 2011

Hobo Bag Progress

Hey guys!  Have you started your bag yet?  I have gotten through quite a bit of mine and want to let you in on a few details...

Remember how I told you Amy Butler likes to over-estimate her yardage?  Well, the trim is a different story.  I bought the 3.25 yards she calls for in the book and the above picture was where it got me!  Can you say ARRRGGGHHHHH!  So, I had to load up my 3 year old and go back to Joann's for the 12th time this week... but hey, I found some other cute fabric while I was there, so it was a winning situation :)

I chose the LARGE BAG and here I have one side panel pinned to one main panel...It was at this point that I figured out I was making the bag with the short handle.  Another AARRRGGHHHH!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I usually think of a large bag as a bag with long straps.

So, be warned:

Other than that, things are going well.  The trim was easier to stitch on then I had antcipated.  You just have to go slow and stay as close the the inside of the trim as possible. 

How is your progress going?  Have you encountered any trouble yet?

See you in a few weeks with the completed bag!

~Susan @Living with Punks


  1. After making the Weekender bag by AB, I have sworn off bag making for a bit. Sorry about your arrgghhh moments. It's going to look great when it's completed!

  2. Ah, maybe it was a good thing I decided I would make the bag without the trim. Although I haven't actually started yet, I will definitely bear in mind the handle length!

  3. I am getting there, done the outer, just finding the time and inspiration to do the inner. Just wasn't my cup of tea....Next month though, already getting excited about fabric!!!!!!!

  4. You are so right on the AB patterns! I did the sling and had enough for another with the called for amount. They are all such cute bags though - hard to say no! I love the trim you are using!

  5. Well she`s making bank on her fabric and obviously has no concern for the one peddling the trim.


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