Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy, happy birthday...

...to me!

mmm...red velvet, my favorite...

When I showed this to Nick as I was sewing on the "frosting" I said I was making myself a birthday cupcake because I knew he wouldn't be making me any. He just laughed & said I probably wouldn't want him to. He's probably right. :) So this is as close as I'll be to getting cake for my birthday this year, but that's quite alright by me.

No big plans for my birthday this year, just dinner with hubby, which means no cooking & no dishes. Perfect! We did go to the pumpkin patch on Sunday with some friends, and thankfully it was a beautiful day & perfect for walking around checking out all the animals.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Until next time...


  1. Happy Birthday! Even if you are frightened by the prospect of turning 28. At least that means you'll always be one year and four days younger than I! Those four days make all the difference. Hope you enjoy your dishes-free day and your adorable cupcake.

  2. Happy birthday!!! If I was closer I'd bake you cupcakes! Actually, I'd probably nab one of the chocolate ones I have right now and deliver it, I made them for my mom's birthday last Saturday!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day. :)


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