Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March: Origami Bag Set

I must say, I'm starting to get into the swing of things (finally) for the Sew Along and am doing much better than last month! I hope everybody is enjoying the Sew Along so far.

This month we will be working on the Origami Bag Set.

Origami Bags

There are six size choices available. I'm not expecting anybody to make all six (although I'd love to see the size difference in them all!), but I'm hoping with everybody we'll get a good variation in the sizes. Personally I am making 3 of the extra small bags. I already have my fabric picked out and my exterior pieces patched together.

Fabric for AB Origami Bags

We will be working with zippers this month, but don't let that discourage you! I promise you, zippers are not nearly as intimidating as you might think. If you are confused by the instructions in the pattern, there are lots of great tutorials online, and don't forget you can always ask questions in the Flickr group. Sara over at Sew Sweetness already has her pattern review ready as well.

This month's sponsor is Julie from Vibrant Designs. You might remember I did a pattern testing for her a couple weeks ago, and I really can't recommend her Heidi Bag enough. I love it! Make sure you check out Julie's Etsy shop for the Heidi Bag pattern as well as a great selection of completed bags. I'll share more about the giveaway later this week.

Now is the time to read through the pattern & decide what fabrics & zipper you'll use. Other than the zipper, this month should be another relatively easy pattern. But like I said don't let the zipper scare you!!! I look forward to seeing what everybody makes this month!

Origami Bags

Until next time...


  1. Cool! I particularly like the gray fabric with the red circles!

  2. I'm excited about this one! I have so many fabric ideas that it'll be hard to narrow it down to just a few. And I hope no one's terribly intimidated by the zipper. The first zipper I sewed turned out OK, is still intact and working, and was much, much easier than I'd feared. Since then it's been smooth sailing for me with zippers and it's such a handy skill to have.

  3. I made five of these bags last fall for travel, and they are great! I made various sizes, some of them dictated by the sizes of the fabric scraps I was using and whatever odds and ends of interfacing I found in the drawer, so they are not all to Amy's proportions. I also used quilting-weight cotton (not home dec), and at least three different fusible interfacings. All the bags came out great, although I did not go bigger than a medium-range size.

    Pics in my Flickr stream; click through from there to details on my blog:
    and here:

    I may squeeze in time to make another one or two bags this month, for future gift use. Plus, they are a terrific way to use up smallish pieces of lovely fabrics that might be lying around.

  4. I'm making all six and am halfway through sewing in all the zippers! I love all your fabric choices, that will be a pretty set!

  5. I have made one, and I couldn't understand the whole lining bit, I felt so dumb! If some one could explain the folding back 1/2 inch and what bits are meant to go where, my zip just clean poked out and doesn't sit nice at all :(


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