Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time to share YOUR Origami Bags!

Time to link up to your completed Origami Bags! Remember, you needed to complete only ONE bag to enter this month, not the entire six bag set. As an extra reward for those of you who were able to get more than one finished (way to go!), leave me a comment telling me how many bags you completed. You'll get an extra entry for up to six bags, so you'll have up to six entries to win this great clutch from Julie at Vibrant Designs!


I know some of you blogged more than once when you made additional bags, so feel free to link up to each blog post, and still share in the comments how many bags you made total. I'll make sure you get all your entries. We want to see all the bags you've made!

Entries will be open until midnight on Friday, April 8 and I will announce the winner Monday, April 11. This means you've got a full week extra to finish up your bags if you aren't done yet! That's right, even if you didn't complete your bags in March, you're still eligible to win (just like those who got their bags done early), so link up!

As always, if you are linking to a blog, please link up to the specific post, not your main page. That will make it easier to find later, when it's no longer your most recent post. If you are not blogging about your bag (which is perfectly okay!), please link up to your Flickr picture instead of a blog with no post about the bag.

Let's see those Origami Bags!

Until next time...


  1. This is my favorite part of the month, getting to see everyone's finished bags. I made five of them. Couldn't talk myself into spending another hour and a half making another one so I stopped just short of a full set.

  2. I made just 1 bag. It's the mini but it's huge.

  3. I love how everyone's bags turn out so drastically different! Amazing!

  4. I'm pretty proud that I made all six bags! Can't wait until next month.

  5. I made one bag specifically for this sew-along, so I'll count that one.


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