Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quick, cheap, & EASY wall art

 Before Coop was born, I didn't pick any particular "theme" for his room.  Mostly because I couldn't find anything I really, really loved (although I did like the safari themes a lot of places had), and partly because I knew any decorations at this point would really be more for me than him.  I decided I would just wait & see if I found anything I particularly liked, preferably something he might still like as he got older.

A few months ago, when hubby & I were out shopping, we found some of those vintage-style metal signs.  You have to understand, we're kind of crazy about these signs - I've got a handful in the kitchen & we've got quite a few for the basement once we're finished refinishing it.  We spent some time digging through the stacks, and I found this great set of super hero signs - Captain America, The Hulk, Wolverine, & Wonder Woman - and I just had to have them for Coop's room.  I can't find a picture of them now, and Coop's asleep, so I'll have to update with a picture.

After finding those signs, I knew how I wanted to decorate Coop's room, and decided to keep my eye out for cool super hero stuff to decorate.  I was in Hallmark a couple weeks ago, just checking out the clearance stuff, & decided to wander through the cards.  I'm not even sure why I did, I never look at the cards, but I'm so glad I did!  I found some great super hero son birthday cards.  I knew they were perfect for Coop's room!

At first I thought I would frame them, but I had some basic foam board from another project, and decided to just mount them directly on the foam board.  I love the white border, although honestly I thought about painting it but was just too impatient to wait for the paint to dry!

Coop's "artwork"

I loved the curved corners on the cards, so just traced & cut it on the foam board as well.  I love the extra bit of detail it adds.  I thought about cutting the front off the card so I could put the inside on the back since I really liked the sayings, but in the end just left them together since I didn't want to take a chance on messing up the front of the card (did I mention I was just impatient to get them finished up?).  I used some photo splits I had sitting around, left over from making my wedding invitations three years ago to attach the cards to the foam board, and keep the card closed.  

The cards are hung right over Coop's crib, so I see them every time I pick him up for a nap or put him down to sleep, and they never fail to make me smile.  I really hope they'll something he'll like having up in his room for years to come.

Coop's artwork

And I just have to share this picture of Coop.  I know this song is way over-done, but it just cracked me up when I thought of it.  :)


Until next time...


  1. I remember my brother getting the magazines, Fantastic and Terrific, which had some of these super heros in, I think Thor the Thunderer was a crippled doctor who came across a branch which he used as a walking stick, but when he struck the ground with it, it turned into the hammer, and he turned into Thor! I loved that storyline! Probably 'cos I am such a wimp!

  2. PS The point is, superheroes are amazing for all children! well found.

  3. Fantastic idea - superheroes will definitely grow up with him (maybe even into adulthood, lol!)

  4. So, so cute! Great idea and it will be enjoyed for years to come! I can't believe how big he is...adorable!


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