Friday, September 24, 2010

Tote Giveaway! (now closed)

Alright, you be the judge, was it worth the wait? I sure hope so!

Now is your chance to win my version of Living With Punks' pillow cover tote. I've made a few of these before, infact this is the project that got me back into sewing this spring. I still love this nice & simple tote, and since I stocked up on the pillow covers while they were on clearance (did I ever mention the half dozen Target stores I visited to get as many as I could? What's that you said, something about being obsessed? Shhh...), I still have a couple more left to make a bag or two.

There are two patch pockets, one each on the outside & inside.

I decided to sew the straps in after I sewed the lining in so it would be a little more sturdy. This means you can see the strap stitching on the inside, but personally I think the boxes & x's are just an added detail to the lining. Plus they actually turned out kinda pretty, so I'm pretty proud of them.

Of course I have to add the obligatory photo of me with the tote so you can get an idea of the size. This time I chose to drag out my "full length" mirror (um...that we bought right after the wedding, a year & a half ago, and is obviously still in the original packaging...) & find someplace better than the Surface of the Sun bathroom to take pictures. Still not a great picture because there isn't exactly the best natural light at ten p.m., and the flash kept screwing up the picture, but you get the idea.

The straps are a little shorter on this one than on others I've made, but it sits up nice & snug under your arm, which personally I prefer most of the time.

So, the part you've really been waiting for - what do you have to do to win?! Right? I'm sure that's all you care about.

So here you go: there are two chances to win -

1) Be a follower here & leave me a comment. Go crazy with your comment, tell me something other than the fact that you're a follower. Give me advice. Tell me something crazy about yourself. Tell me what you'd like to see here. Tell me I'm pretty. :) Okay, whatever you want, just leave a comment.

2) Be a Facebook fan/liker/stalker/whatever & leave a comment on the note about the giveaway. Again, go crazy. Be original. Have fun. Or just say hi. Whatever. :)

I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner next Friday. That's right, I'm leaving this open for a full week. I feel bad that it took me so terribly long to finish up the tote for this (I'll be totally honest, I had planned on a completely different item for the giveaway, but it didn't turn out very nice, and I'm happier about this anyways, so it's all better in the end), so I'm going to give everybody plenty of time, especially since I'm just getting around to post this over the weekend when I know a lot of people are away.

Good luck & if all goes well, hopefully we can do this a little more often. :)

Until next time...


  1. I'm a follower!! I think I was your third follower actually! Yeah, that's not very crazy or interesting, but that's about as good as I can do!

  2. Judging by the response to my rant post, we're definitely not the only ones who had that reaction to that commercial! We still use paper towel for things like wiping spills off the floor, and cleaning the toilet, but try not to use too much!

  3. IM A FOLLOWER TOO!! Im totally not creepy-stalkerish, but I am indeed a follower. :)
    Love the tote Bree!! I think its super cute! I have been doing the martha stewart thing lately too, but NOTHING as exciting as your expedition!! GO YOU!! (PS- I WANT TO WIN! :) )

  4. This is an adorable bag!! I so wish I could do something like that, but I'm way to impatient. In fact, my grandmother used to tell me I could be a great seamstress if I'd just slow down!

  5. I think the strap stitching just showcases your amazing talent - it's a beautiful touch that shows just how much time you put into your work! LOVE it!

  6. LOVE the bag!! It's so cheery and colorful! I want it!!!
    I follow you too!
    Well, I am double jointed so I am all bendy which grosses people out! HA!!Um,I am super sensitive even though I am a tough kind of chick,I cry when I watch a movie that is even a tiny bit sad.
    Oh and I make the best fudge and chocolate cheese cake ever!!
    thank you

  7. facebook liker too
    I found a picture of you here at the top,wedding photo I guess.Yes,you are very lovely. You have classic features,or I guess you could say timeless features!! I have been told I have classic features,I hear that I look like an old silent screen star sometimes,weird.Have a fabu week


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