Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Purse - Keyka Lou City Tote

Finally! I've been wanting to make this one for quite a while, but was waiting for a break in the LOP purse orders to find the time to actually sit down & do it.

I'm really loving the fabric combo on this one.

This elastic loop & button secure the front pocket (which I forgot to take a decent picture of. It's there, I swear!).

Inner pocket. The outer pocket is exactly the same as this, but can be secured closed.

My tag. See, no hoop ring! :)

Yes, it looks like I'm standing on the surface of the sun. That's how bright yellow my bathroom is! I couldn't manage to get a decent picture that didn't look radioactive, but at least you can judge the size of the purse. :)

Finished dimensions - 9 inches tall (excluding strap), 3 inches deep, base is 11 inches wide, and opening is 7 inches. Two slit pockets (one each on inside & outside) are 5 inches wide & 4 inches deep.

Let me know what you think of this new purse! It will be listed for sale on the Etsy shop.

Until next time...

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