Monday, August 30, 2010

New clutch! Small Keyka Lou Inset Zipper Pouch

I'm super excited about this new pattern that just came out from Keyka Lou! It's available in two sizes, so of course I had to make it difficult on myself & start with the smaller size. :) It just seems to be my way. I'll be making the larger size soon, maybe this week if I get a little breathing room, just to have a comparison of the two.

I love the "peek" of the center fabric on this pattern. I happened to use the same fabric for the peek and the lining, but obviously that's not a requirement.

I had some issues on the final top stitching on this one & will probably end up pulling it out & either leaving it without or redoing it all together. You can see my little oopsies if you look closely.

The big oops:

I still can't quite figure out what happened here. I know the foot got hung up a bit going around the corner, but I didn't realize until I turned it over that the loops & knots were quite this bad. If it had only been the small gathers you see in the first two photos (top right corner of each), I probably wouldn't even bother ripping out the stitching since I won't be selling this particular one, but there's just no way I can leave it like this.

I'm thinking about doing some sort of give-away for this one (after I fix it, of course!), so let me know if it's something you'd be interested in.

Finished size is about 8x5 inches on this one, the bigger one will be about 11x7 inches. This style will be available for order as soon as I sort out the best way to get the top stitched decent. I have an easy fix in mind, I just have to try it out.

Until next time...

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