Monday, August 30, 2010

Progress: Week 7 and a final look

Here we are at the end of the month (well, close enough in this case), and the end of the timeframe I set for myself. When I set my goals back in July, I looked back at the ones I set at the beginning of the summer & hoped my new ones would be a little more successful. For the most part, I'd say I did a pretty good job.

In only two weeks out of seven I wasn't able to get my five projects completed. When I set the goal, I wondered if it was a little too lofty, especially considering it was basically one item per day with only two days extra if I wasn't able to finish something up in one night. Thinking back on it, I'd have to say I'm pretty proud I met that goal for five weeks! Considering the fact that most of the LOP purses took me at least three evenings to complete, I'm happy I could fall back on small crochet items to pick up the slack. This week is no exception!

This week I finished up four more crochet flowers, one crochet butterfly, three coffee sleeves, and a new Keyka Lou pattern (brand-spankin' new from her!). Definitely a successful week, especially considering I didn't expect to get any sewing done at all.

This week's new pattern was the brand new from Keyka Lou (Hey! I'm a poet & I didn't know it!) Inset Zipper Pouch. More on that in a separate post. I'm already getting interest in it from work & even Nick seemed impressed with it, so it's definitely a keeper pattern!

The Facebook goal kind of went out the door back in week four when I created the MCC FB page. I consider it a good reason for not meeting the goal for the full seven weeks. :)

I don't have as many items in the Etsy shop as I would like, but it's mostly because I've been too busy with either personal stuff (hello home repairs thanks to these little guys!) or making items for special orders. This will be a continuing goal.

Christmas gifts are indeed in the planning process, but for obvious reasons, I can't exactly talk about what any of them are. I wouldn't want to spoil any surprises, since I happen to know at least a few family members will be reading this. :)

The Origami Impostor failure on this one. I mentioned a while back that I had been thinking about the bag a lot, and that's still true, but it's also as far as it got. Now that I won't have the five-items-per-week thing hanging over my head, and after I finish up a few special orders I was finally able to find fabric for, I'm going to make some time to sit down & really work on this. I really like the idea for the bag, and even though I've seen a lot of similar styles showing up lately, I think mine is a little different in ways that will set it apart. I hope. :)

Overall, I'd say the past seven weeks have been a success, and I'll definitely be setting similar goals for myself again, but not any time soon. I need some time to work without a deadline or quota hanging over my head. Except, of course, for the deadlines that come with custom orders! Those will be met without any problems!

Until next time...

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