Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Loves: Scraps & Buttons

And boy, do they go together!

I ordered a scrap bag from Keyka Lou last week & got my goodie bag yesterday. There was so much super cute stuff in it, some of it only makes me wish I had a bigger piece! The pieces aren't huge, but aren't tiny either. I was able to make one side of 5 coffee sleeves, which need some pretty decent size pieces only because of the shape. I could have had one or two more, but the pattern just wouldn't work for them.

Last night I cut out pieces for one side of what I could use, and am working out what I can use for the inside before I actually make them. I decided to use my favorite fabric first, this super cute monkey fabric, since I had some nice red gingham to use for the inside.

I was having a hard time picking out a button to use with it, something I've been struggling with a lot. I had picked up some button kits over the weekend for a home project I'm going to work on, and knew I had a couple extras to play around with. So I decided to cut out a piece from the fabric to make the button, and let me tell you, I think I'm in love! I'm so happy with how it turned out & can see all sorts of potential in this! The only problem I had was I couldn't get a perfect circle of fabric showing what I wanted without wasting too much, so it doesn't quite all fit under the back piece. Because of that, I'll probably be keeping this one for myself instead of selling it, and unfortunately I don't have more of the fabric to make another. So for now, it's one of a kind!

Until next time...

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  1. Sooo cute! did you use elastic to wrap around the button?

  2. Ponytail holders work the best! They come in all different colors & depending on what size you need, I usually get two from each when I use the big ones. And they're cheap!


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