Monday, August 9, 2010

Progress: Week 4

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen eventually - I didn't get my five projects done this week. Not even close! I only finished up these two items, but to be fair (excuses, excuses!) it has been kind of a crazy week what with going back to work and everything.

Keyka Lou basic wallet. I used a magnetic snap on this one instead of velcro & I have to tell you I am MUCH happier with the results. I'm just not a huge fan of velcro, though I know some people just can't live without it. It's a personal preference thing. I do think the next time I make one I might try using two snaps (one in each corner instead of one in the middle). It kind of seems like overkill since one holds it closed securely, but the corners of the flap aren't secured down. Maybe it's an OCD thing. :)

I'm really loving my "tag," especially when I actually remember to add it. I've been thinking about ordering some printed twill tape, but like the added touch of the hand embroidering. Yes, it's more time consuming, and can't easily be added if I forget to do it before putting everything together. What are your thoughts?

Coffee sleeve/cozy/coozie. These things are called so many different names, I'm starting to lose track. I made this one to match one of the LOP purses I made for a friends birthday using scraps leftover from the purse. I'm not super excited with out the "quilting" came out on it, but the stitching does add a fun touch & she loved it. This was my new pattern for the week.

I also started a diaper cover on the way to a birthday party (might as well be productive on an hour drive!), but wasn't able to get it quite finished up. I also have a new purse in the works, but wasn't quite able to get it completed either. Hopefully I'll have some time to get it done tonight.

I'm kind of breaking my no FB rule now that I have the MCC FB page set up. But I'm just telling myself that my original goal referred to my personal FB page, so it's all good. They're my rules (why, oh why do I keep wanting to write "rooles?!" I've done it three times now!), and rules are meant to be broken. :)

Let's not get started on the Etsy thing. I'm being such a slacker when it comes to it. I do have a couple of items to list, but was annoyed the first time at how long it took me to get all the info entered in. I'm working on it.

Unrelated, but I know I was also a slacker last week on the TWT post. See my comments earlier about the crazy week. :)

I'm really hoping this week will be better than last week. I got some new goodies at JoAnn yesterday that I'm really excited about, I just need to make the time to work on stuff.

Until next time...


  1. It sounds like you were still productive even though you didn't meet your own goals. I like the look of twill tape labels, and I think I've seen tutes about how to print on it from your computer printer. Another idea, you could embroider the twill tape and then have a bunch made up to put on your products (that way if you forget, it's an easy fix!) Can't wait to brag about your new stuff this wednesday!

  2. I did think about adding it myself to plain twill tape, but it's hard to do if I don't have much to hold on to. I may have to check out the printing thing! I do like the hand-made look of doing it myself instead of printing, it's that forgetful thing that becomes a problem sometimes! :)


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