Monday, August 16, 2010

Progress: Week 5

What a great week! Although, compared to last week, pretty much anything is an improvement! :)

Let's see...I finished up the City Tote I had cut out last week, made three coffee sleeves (the sock monkey & the two below), the super awesome QT Koozie, the Small Satchel (still undecided on whether or not I'm keeping it!), and this cute little bow.

Don't look too closely at the back side, my stitching is horrible & of course I didn't take the time to try to find a lighter thread. I promise future ones will be much better!

It's about two inches across, so I think it's about a perfect size for little girl hair clippies that I know are all the rage right now. It's also a perfect use for leftover scraps, so I plan on making handful & see how they go over.

All patterns were new this week! I was so happy with how quickly everything came together, it was a nice break from some of the other more time-consuming projects.

I've been good & not posted any new items on my personal Facebook page, but have started putting everything on the MCC page, which I figure is an okay compromise.

I don't think I listed anything new in the Etsy shop this week (they're starting to run together!), but I did have my first sale! Granted, it was a woman here at work, but a sale's a sale, right? :)

I still don't have any more work done on the Origami Imposter bag, I'm really hitting a roadblock there. It's hard for me to sit down & work on something that won't necessarily give me a good "finished product." It's just something I need to get over, so I can spend some time & just sit down & put some time into it. I know that once I do, if it turns out the way I hope, it'll be worth all the time & effort. I certainly have a lot more respect for the people who are able to crank out one pattern or tutorial after the other like it's nothing. It's definitely not for everyone!

I hope you all had a productive week as well!

Until next time...

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