Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last chance to win!

Don't forget, today is your LAST chance to enter over at Envirocraftiness for your chance to win your choice of two items from me. And, because I've been so busy lately (and also - a bit of a slacker!), you will absolutely get a custom item! You'll get your choice of two item from here, here, or select crochet items (baby hat, diaper cover, flower clips, construction cone - basically anything except a blanket). You can choose any fabric you like that I currently have. Seriously, the sky is pretty much the limit here.

Jill is doing things a bit differently today, so you don't have to be a bit crafty to enter! She's making plans to throw a fabulous party, and needs your help planning an "instant photo booth." How fun! When we were planning the wedding, we (well, let's be honest here - I) thought it would be fun to rent a photo booth, but sad to say, we weren't able to. Jill, being more brilliant than I, is doing it Envirocrafty-style with her own macbook. Genius! So come up with some great ideas, then head on over & let her know what you've come up with.

And a quick random thought - I actually like it when the internet is running slow while it loads Jill's page because she has a beautiful tree photo that you only get to see before her content is loaded. :)

So quick - hop on over to Envirocraftiness, wish for a slow connection (just this once!), enter for your chance to win, and good luck!

Until next time...

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  1. Aw! So sweet! Thanks. I LOVE your new background!


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