Friday, August 27, 2010

I found happiness in the mailbox

This evening has been pretty stellar since I left work. Yes, I said stellar. Don't even ask my why I said that, but it's the very first thing that came to mind.

I headed to JoAnn with five coupons & vowed to not buy anything that wasn't on sale or couldn't use one of the coupons. I also really needed to only buy stuff I actually need, not just stuff I liked.

Jackpot! I found 3 fabrics - two super, super awesome courdoroys I can't wait to use & think will be perfect for a custom order for someone and another fabric that couldn't be more perfect for the lining of a bag for another friend who had already picked out her focus fabric but I didn't have anything to go with it (yes, that was probably the longest run-on sentence EVER, please forgive me).

I also found some other odds & ends items I've been wanting/needing, and over all saved only $6 less than I spent (as in, I basically saved 50% on everything). Success!

While in the store I also decided on fabric for another project I need to work on, but put off actually buying it until I have more coupons next weekend. I had decided to use denim for said project instead of home decor, and it dawned on my that I had an old pair of Nick's jeans that would work just as well as buying denim, and BONUS! I would have the pockets to use.

When I ran in to Wal-Mart, I started to realize Nick's pants weren't going to give me enough fabric (dang lucky, skinny, skinny man. And also he wears them threadbare, so they wouldn't be so great), so I could just buy a cheap pair of jeans in whatever size would give me the dimensions I needed. Can't beat $9 size 38x32 jeans! And bonus, the cashier looked at me & said, "well, I know there's NO WAY these are for you, you're WAY too skinny." I just laughed & told her they were for a craft project.

When I got home I noticed I had a package which wasn't supposed to come until next week, so of course I was excited about that. It's a poster of this picture that I ordered to put up in my office. Now I just need to pick up a cheap frame for it.

But, the big, big thing that beat everything else was these:

My very own Moo Mini Cards!

And just how "mini" are we talking here?

They look pretty dark in the picture, but I promise you, they look much better in person.

I found these a month or so ago when they were having a really super deal that just couldn't be passed up. Little did I know, it was a one day deal, so my idea to think it over & take some time designing them didn't exactly work out. They aren't terribly expensive when they're not on sale, but I still put off ordering them because I was trying to decide if it was really a good idea.

Then last week I got an e-mail that they were on sale again (unfortunately not quite as good of a deal...bummer...), so I bit the bullet, designed a back (I had already done the front, preemptively), and ordered a set. They weren't supposed to be here until late next week, so I had kind of forgotten about them. When I saw the package in the mailbox, I thought it was something else I had ordered recently, and didn't get excited until I saw the little Moo label.

Let me tell you, I love them already! I also ordered this sweet little carrying case (in orange, of course), and can't wait to hand some out. I feel like Steve Martin, "The new phonebooks are here! The new phonebooks are here! I'm somebody!!!" :)

Right now, life is pretty good. Sometimes it's just the simplest things in life that can make everything all right.

Oh yeah, and that other project I mentioned for the denim? You'll just have to wait on that, because I'm telling you now, it's!

Until next time...

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