Thursday, June 17, 2010

TWT - Bee

This picture is probably, by far, my favorite picture of all the ones I've taken. It was a total fluke thing, I was taking pictures of these flowers at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs when we were out there in 2008. I knew the bee was buzzing around while I was taking the pictures, but had no idea it had gotten into the shot. I've had this picture blown up for a few people, gotten a purse made with it for myself, and gotten a few of the cosmetic bags from ArtsCow (check it out if you've never heard of them!). I'm just absolutely in love with this picture.

Today I found the photography assignments on Pioneer Woman, and this week it just happens to be BUGS! Of course I decided I just had to add my picture to the mix & see what happens. I'm always hearing (mostly from my mom & dad, so I'm not sure if it counts!) that I should enter the shot into some sort of contest, so here goes. I actually also submitted it to a photo contest at work & had it published in a quarterly news letter, so that was definitely a nice sense of accomplishment. I'm hoping for the best with this contest, but after looking at the other shots, I'm not too hopeful. We'll just see what happens.

Until next time...

***edit 08/30/10 - I'm linking up to this picture in this week's Sailor & Company Raw(e) yellow challenge. Be sure to check out the rest of the entries over there, and if you're new here at My Crafty Crap, please take a look around & leave me a note! :)***


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