Friday, June 4, 2010

Today is a very happy day...

…for many reasons!

First, but not necessarily foremost (because I can’t decide what’s the most exciting), it’s Friday!  TGIF!  Someone mentioned on FB this week about how short weeks sometimes seem the longest, and thankfully this wasn’t one of those weeks, but I’m still ready for the weekend.  Unfortunately, this weekend probably won’t produce much “free time” since we’re busy at work around the house, but hopefully I can find at least a little bit of time for myself to work on a few things.

Last night I was able to finish up my second pillow cover to purse makeover (pictures to come, I promise!) so I could give it to Jenny today.  I told her yesterday that I should be able to finish it up over the weekend & get it to her next week, so I was really happy to be able to finish it up last night.  When I gave it to her this morning she was practically jumping up and down she was so excited.  I love that something I made brought such happiness to someone.  First thing this morning, it totally made my day to make hers.

Yesterday another friend mentioned something to me about wanting to find a bigger purse to take with her on a trip in a couple weeks, so I told her I’d show her the bags I had just made.  When she saw them she said they are perfect for the size she is looking for & has asked me to custom make one for her too.  And when another coworker saw it & they were talking about them, she decided she needed to order one too, so now I have two more to make for other people!  Nick will be happy I’m not making them all for myself, and I’m happy to have a reason to make them & make a couple bucks.  Win-win!

This afternoon, I got to see the first couple pictures from McKenzie with the diaper covers.  I about squealed out loud, they are so-o-o-o adorable.  I need to check with her before I share them here, but will hopefully have some to share soon.  It was a little girl, so she had on the hot pink ruffles & it was just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.  I feel so much better about them now that I’ve seen them on a baby.  The ruffle placement & sizing looked about perfect, so I can’t wait to hear back from her if any changes need to be made.

I got a message from another old friend on FB about wanting a baby set (diaper cover, booties, hat) for her cousin’s baby, so I’d like to get some work done at that this weekend too.  It shouldn’t take too long, assuming I don’t have an epic fight with the booties again.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Unfortunately, with all this work for other people, I’m not having much time to work on stuff for myself or MCK.  Sewing has been a nice change of pace & break for my hands, but at the same time I’m ready to crochet again.  I’ve also been taking a little of my free time to read a book I picked up at the library this week.  It seems like it’s been forever since I picked up a book, so it’s a nice break from everything as well.  Should be done with it tonight or tomorrow, so after that it’ll be back to the “crafty crap.”  :)

Until next time...

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