Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Roll: Envirocraftiness

You know how I've hinted around at something exciting going on soon? Well, it's finally here! And technically a little past, because I meant to post this yesterday, then got a tad bit busy & went and forgot about it.

Check out Jill over at Envirocraftiness, with tons of fun ideas. She's new to the blogging world like I am, so it's fun to watch her blog grow & develope. I think one of my favorite projects is this Embossed Metal tutorial, which could be fun for all sorts of embelleshments & decorations.

Another of Jill's really neat features is her What the Heck Wednesday weekly post. Every week she shares an everyday item she has sitting around, and asks for your ideas of what it can be used for. Previous WTHW items have included a coiled phone cord, CDs, and scraps of fun fur.

Which brings me back around to that exciting thing I was talking about earlier. Every month Jill picks a random winner from all the entries for each week. For the month of August, you have a chance to win two items from none other than ME! That's right! If you win, you get your choice of any two things from the small case gallery or small crochet item (diaper cover, baby hat, construction cone). You even get to choose your own fabric or yarn color from what I have available!

So what are you waiting for? Get over to this week's WTHW at Envirocraftiness right now, and check out what you need to do to enter!

Until next time...

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