Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Goals

I’m failing miserably at my original goals for the summer, but in my own defense, I think I needed a break from crochet so it’s quite alright. And really, looking back, I haven't done half-bad. The only things I haven't gotten around to are the crochet motifs & more items for MCK. Not as bad as I thought!

Today I’ve come up with a few new goals for the next month & a half!

--Create at least 5 items per week.
--Try at least one new pattern per week.
--Don’t post any finished projects on FB. One of my big roadblocks to the Etsy shop is items keep getting snapped up from friends on FB. I will continue to blog new projects though, so no worries here! This will also be helped by the fact that I will no longer be showing off items at work after next week.
--Have the Etsy shop fully up, running, and partially “stocked” by the end of August.
--Start planning Christmas presents. :)
--Get everything ironed out with the Origami Imposter bag, and maybe (maybe!) post a tutorial.

So…let’s see how this goes! :)

Until next time…


  1. At least you have goals! I am just winiging it, which I never do....LOL I would like to put in a special request if you are up to it! A friend of mine is having a baby girl the beginning of Sept and I am making her a ton of stuff, but I do NOT knit or crochet (ok, I can crochet, I just suck at it.) but I love the little hats you had on here awhile back...would you be willing to make some hats for me?? We can put it on etsy as a special order. :) Wow, I shoulda just emailed you. lol

  2. Failing? You've been making so many wonderful things! It's fun seeing all your great projects!

  3. Thanks, Delia! I still want to make more stuff to send to you - and I keep meaning to ask you if bags for the moms would be something you'd be interested in. Let me know!

  4. LOL hon, you are doing great! If it gets snapped up on FB, you don't have to pay Etsy fees. ;-)

    Your mom would like a cute purse for Christmas, just saying. :-D

  5. Yes, I know it's a good problem to have! But everybody keeps saying I need to get out on Etsy, which is hard to do when I can't get stuff out there! :)

    Yes, that's why Christmas is on the list. ;)

  6. Bree, If you want to send bags for the moms, I know they would be delighted!!!!


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