Friday, July 9, 2010

Sometimes life gets in the way of…well, itself

(If you’re not interested in my boring personal life, just go ahead & skip right over this today, no crafting [crap or otherwise!] involved here, just a little explanation for the lack thereof)

After my marathon sewing session this past weekend (one pillow cover bag, two large Keyka Lou envelope clutches, one small envelope clutch, and a domesticated skirt) in the midst of our house projects, I haven’t touched the sewing machine all week. Tuesday night I did cut out fabric & iron on interfacing for another set of envelope clutches, but then I realized I cut the fabric pieces too small, decided I was too tired to bother with it, and haven’t gotten back to it yet. I have major plans for this weekend to finish up those clutches & try out some new patterns, but in the mean time, I’m just taking a break.

You see, we’re going through some pretty big changes in our household. Not only are we in the middle of a not-entirely-voluntary-half-house-remodel (which has things in total chaos, the only plus being that I’m able to set up the sewing machine in the living room), but Nick just decided to change roles at work, and I just quit my job (as in, gave notice today!) to take one much, much closer to home. Thankfully, I’ve had some time to think over the decision & am at the point that I am very comfortable with it, and know it is the right choice to make. I’m not going into this wondering if I might be making a mistake, which is much more comforting, but didn’t make giving notice this morning any easier.

With the combined stress of the house stuff and both our job issues (though, thankfully, Nick’s was only a week or so process, instead of months-long), I haven’t been sleeping well and my crafting mojo has finally taken a hit. After the fabric cutting incident Tuesday night, I decided it was a good idea to hang up all things crafty, and take a break, even if only for a couple days. The relief of having today over with makes me feel ready to jump right back in though, and I’m excited about trying out some new stuff in the coming weeks.

The best part of all this job stuff is that I am gaining back quite a bit of time I was losing every day sitting in traffic & waiting for Nick after work, so I should have more time for stuff around the house and more crafty crap! And, as a treat to myself, I’m taking off a week between jobs! While I know I will have some house duties to take care of, and have been threatened with a growing honey-do list, I plan to take a majority of the free time to sew-sew-sew & get my Etsy shop fully up and running!

So that’s life in our little corner of the world right now, hope yours is going well!

(okay…so maybe there was a little more crafting talk than I expected…)

Until next time…


  1. I hear ya, this past week was a long, crazy week. Too much stress to produce anything good, so I just walked away, myself. I did some sewing yesterday though and that was great! And, I have to ask, how did you like the clutches?? Aren't they fun?!

  2. Isn't it the worst when the "short weeks" seem the longest?!

    I love the clutches! I ended up getting a bunch of other patterns from her too & can't wait to try them out. Thanks again for introducing me to her, though you didn't know it at the time! :)


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