Sunday, July 18, 2010

Progress: Week 1

More like week 0.5, since I just set the goals on Thursday, but all the same I'm pretty happy to have met my three weekly goals.

First - five projects per week. Just finished up number five!

I did the first LOP purse earlier this week, and finished up the second today. Each time through a pattern is a little easier than the last, and this time was no different. Definitely much happier with the overall project this time. And it turned out super cute!

I actually managed to get the flap sewn on the right direction & everything! I like how the interfacing is stiff enough that the purse actually stands up & doesn't slouch & spill everything all over the place.

My "tag." :) Handstitched.

Other projects this week:

Wallet. Mostly happy with how this turned out. Still not sure what I think of the VELCRO, and think I'll make the next with magnetic snaps.

Cell phone pouch. It fits my phone & skinny tube of chapstick/lipstick perfectly, as well as a couple cards & some cash in the back pocket. Also did the brand tag on this one, but it ended up too low & hard to see.

Probably my favorite thing this week was this simple little guy, whipped up in about 10 minutes, tops. Find the instructions here, found on this week's We Did it Wednesday at Sew Much Ado. Seriously, this little guy is absolutely perfect for me. I'm forever leaving my pin cushion on the ironing board or back of the couch (don't ask - remember, the house is a disaster).

I also did a little coin purse trying out a new pattern, but used scrap felt & one of the zippers I took out of the pillow cover bags, so I'll save it for another day, and another prettier try. :)

Goal two: at least one new pattern. Well, everything was new this week, except the second LOP purse, but the first time was new! :)

I did cave & put pictures of the wallet up on FB, but only because it was specifically for someone & wanted to share the pictures with her. So it doesn't count! :)

I'm still working on the Etsy shop, Christmas gifts, and Origami Imposter bag. All in all, not a bad week!

Until next time...


  1. Love this stuff! Trying to figure out what your "brand" it an N & B?

  2. All your projects look great. I agree with your thoughts about the velcro/snap on the wallet. I think the snap would make it look more professional/commercial. :)

  3. Thanks!

    The pattern calls for Velcro, which is why I even bothered trying it. It’s not horrible, and it does sit a little flatter with the Velcro rather than snap, but I worry about Velcro wearing out over time. And yes, I think it looks more professional having snaps. I do think Velcro has its place, but this might not be it.

  4. This is Kathryn from I Can Find The Time and I just had to say thanks for the link up to the Sewing Machine Pin Cushion. When I saw this on your post I pratically had a tear in my eye! Thanks!

  5. Hi Kathryn! Thank YOU for coming up with such a simple, yet genius, idea! You have no idea how perfect it is for me. It's definitely my favorite thing I made last week.

  6. Love Love Love that brown flowered bag!!!

  7. Thanks! It was a birthday gift for a friend & she was really happy with it as well.

  8. Love all these especially the brown one. I've only made the camera wristlet pattern by Keyka Lou so far but will definitely be making more :)

  9. I love this bag! Did you use a sewing pattern, or is it your own design? Great fabric choice too!!


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