Friday, July 9, 2010

Take a stab at it...

My first attempt at embroidery. Not too shabby! I decided to just play around on a piece of scrap fabric & kind of wish I had used something a little bigger now so I could make some sort of patch out of it, but it's not too tiny (the design itself is about 1.5 inches across), so I may still try to do something with it. At the very least it's going up on the bulletin board.

Over lunch today I checked out a great embroidery book at Barnes & Noble, Embroidered Effects, which I'm pretty sure I first read about over at Notes From a Very Red Kitchen. I decided to check & see if the local library had the book so I could check it out more thoroughly before I buy it, but did some browsing while I was there. Unfortunately, the library doesn't have it, so after I check to see if they have anything better tomorrow (just checked online today), I'll probably go ahead & order it from Amazon. I would love to be able to add personalization to my finished projects, and love the look of the embroidering that accents the pattern in the fabrics.

My little French knots at the sides of my design were totally from memory from skimming the book today, so I know they aren't perfect. The first one actually worked up the very first time, though I'm not exactly sure how. The second one (actually on the left) took a few tries, and it's far from perfect, but it still looks cute.

And yes, if you're keeping tabs (or just paying very close attention!), this is the brand I came up with a couple weeks ago. :) I'm thinking about using this in place of a tag in my items, and just stitch it in by hand. I know it doesn't have to do with the MCC name, but I'm working on that too. MCC doesn't work up quite as cool as the NWB, and I'm thinking about doing everything as My Crafty Crap by NWB Designs, but I don't know yet. I can use a "logo" that doesn't have to do with my name, right?

As far as the overall embroidering experience for my first try? I loved it! It's going to be time consuming to learn, but I think it adds a certain touch that will set stuff apart. One part I really don't like though - stabbing myself, continually, with the needle. Thankfully, for some reason it didn't hurt nearly as badly as stabbing myself with my sewing pins. Figure that one out, will you... :)

Until next time...


  1. Cute fabric :) I have yet to really try embroidery....I used to do a little bit of cross stitch...that was a long time ago though!

  2. Thanks! It's a scrap from the pillow cover purses I've been making & used a bit of for my mini envelope clutch. It's definitely fun & summery.

    I did cross-stitch forever ago when I was young, but never really had the patience to finish a full project. I like that this can be more free-form & as much or little as you want.


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