Wednesday, July 14, 2010

LOTS of pockets!

Finally got the Keyka Lou Lots of Pockets purse finished up around 11:00 last night. I was wa-a-ay too tired to actually write about it then, but very happy to have it finished up.

Side note - also happy to have gotten smart & thought to use the coat rack to hang purses on to photograph instead of the pantry door. :)

You can't really see the flap from here (more on that in a bit), but it attaches to the inside of the purse with a magnetic snap. Oh boy do I love these magnetic snaps. The flap is the polka dot print that matches the lining & "pant style" pockets. These pockets are great for keeping phone, sunglasses, & keys nice & handy.

Here is is where the flap is supposed to sit - on the outside of the purse. Somehow I managed to sew it in backwards though, and of course didn't realize it until it was all sewn together & I was getting ready to put the other half of the snap on. Thankfully, it actually works out pretty well attaching to the inside, I just happen to like the way it looks better this way, but at least it's still functional. Can't beat that kind of mistake. :)

Two simple flat pockets on the inside & a nice flat bottom. I forgot to take a picture of it sitting on the counter, but because of the nice heavy interfacing I used it actually sits up nicely & doesn't slouch. I didn't intend for it to be quite that sturdy, but again, a happy thing (I won't call this one a mistake!).

I'm thinking I could make the bag reversible, but then the cool pockets would be on the inside. It doesn't really work with this one because the interfacing is so rigid, so it sits funny, but it's another option.

Hey look! It's snaps correctly this way! ;) Although, it's pretty much impossible to see because those polka dots are so dizzying.

Quite possibly the worst picture of me - ever! BUT - personally I hate seeing a bag photographed solely on its own & not knowing it's proportions compared to a person. How big is it really? How long are the straps? Where is it going to sit on me when I carry it? Now you can tell for yourself. Oh, the sacrifices I make for you guys. :)

(Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Or the messy countertop.)

You might be asking - why I didn't have my fantastic hubby take the picture for me? Well, he looked pretty similar to this, only sans the moose. :)

My original plan after finishing this up was to not make one again any time soon! But of course I had to go & show it off at work & now have a couple orders for more. Oh, the trouble I get myself into sometimes! :) But really, I think most of my troubles were due to the fact that it was my first run through the pattern and most of the work was done when I was dog-tired & late at night. Some daytime sewing should move things along at a better pace next time.

Changes in mind for next time: wider straps - these ones are just a bit too narrow for me (about 3/4"); going to try a single strap from the sides instead of the double straps; thinking about sizing it up; thinking about chopping it shorter, but keeping the same basic shape/size otherwise; maybe adding a divider on the inside. Ummm...I know there were more I thought of as I was going to sleep last night, but they're long gone by now. I think I'm lucky to have remembered this much. :)

Until next time...

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