Friday, November 12, 2010

Knitted hand warmers

Since I shared my project list the other day, I've gotten a pretty good response that a few of you have found projects you'd like to share as well. I did end up adding a few things to it since then, but am trying to decide if going forward I'll keep adding to the same list (it is nice to keep them all in one central list), or just tag everything the same so it'll so up on that handy Project List link at the top of the blog. My thought is that many posts with individual links end up being similar to all the individual e-mails I used to send myself, which is how I used to end up losing track of stuff I wanted to make. Maybe I'll just do a weekly list...

Anyways, today I found a pattern for knitted hand warmers, and I'm sure there are plenty of other similar patterns out there, but this is something I really want to make this year. I was just telling Nick last week that I want to get/make some for when we go skiing, since I always struggle with trying to keep my gloves tucked into my jacket, and this would help solve the problem of cold wrists. So maybe it's one of my to-do projects that I'll actually get around to working on sooner, rather than later. Maybe. Hopefully.

The thought of working on multiple double-ended needles scares me, but I'm willing to pick some up & give it a try. I guess I'll have a need for the next Michael's coupon that comes my way.

Until next time...

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