Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Say hello to America's next top model...

Isn't she beautiful! :)

Nick wasn't willing to model the scarf, and we all know what happens when I take pictures on the surface of the sun...er...in the bathroom. Besides, she's a much cuter model than me.

I finished up this scarf (knit) over the weekend. It's one I started last winter, but it got put aside for other projects. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft Eco, I love this stuff & picked up a ton of it on clearance at one point last year. You can't tell from the picture, but it's got this kind of blueish-purple sheen to it, odd, but really pretty. It was knitted really loose (US 16 needles), so it's fairly light, but still plenty warm. I absolutely love it!

No pictures, but I'm making progress on the hand warmers too. Up to about three inches, and getting much easier & quicker the more I work on it. I'm almost half way to the thumb holes! I'll be bringing it with me when we visit family this weekend, so hopefully I can get quite a bit done in the car & evenings. Who knows, maybe I'll have a completed pair by the time we get back!

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving! I know we have a lot to be thankful for this year, I hope you do as well!

Until next time...


  1. Too cute! You have an adorable model! Sometimes I'm forced to use my teddy bear! lol He's as old as I am and could use some clothes to cover up the parts where his fur is balding! lol I can't wait to see the handwarmers!!

  2. Nice scarf and an even better-looking model! If only my cats would be so cooperative when I need to photograph something.

  3. haha that is pretty funny! My dog would never cooperate.


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