Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday #9

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I feel a bit more prepared this week & like I actually got something done for the first time in a few weeks. That's always a good thing!

Started: I think I mentioned starting the Sis Boom Jamie dress last week, but I didn't actually get any work done until this Sunday. Not a whole lot yet, but I've gotten the waistbands (I'm adding one to the back as well) put together, and everything except the skirt cut out.


Right now I'm working with some cheaper fabric I picked up so I can make sure I get all my sizing & fitting worked out before using the good fabric I originally picked out.

In progress: The last two origami bags are still waiting to be made. I keep thinking that having to keep them on this list will make me more likely to finish them, but that just doesn't seem to be working!

Still working on piecing the pairs for my Postage Stamp quilt. I've got quite the pile going now, but I didn't work on them at all this week.


Non-sewing related - we got a bit more work done on Goose's room this weekend. When I stripped the wallpaper a few weeks ago, we realized there was quite a bit of minor wall damage. Nothing terrible, but the walls do need to be patched. Unfortunately, our walls aren't perfectly smooth & we're having a hard time matching the texture. It's really not a noticeable texture, but it sure it noticeable when there are smooth patches all over! Right now it's a big mess since we've got test spots of all sorts of stuff on the walls. Not a pretty picture!


Completed: I finished up the Simple Skirt from Dana at Made. I promise you, this is a super simple project! I could have easily completed it in an hour, start to finish, if I'd had enough time to sit down & work on it the first night I started.

I'm really happy with how it turned out & it's nice & comfortable. It was even quicker since I used the selvedge rather than hemming it, but I like the look.


It was pretty hard to get pictures of this while I was wearing it since the only full-length mirror I have is pretty small, and shoved into the back of my closet behind my wedding dress. Great place for it, huh? My only option was to stand on the edge of the bathtub. I promise I was careful. :)


Need to start: Two Keyka Lou basic wallets, a Christmas present (from last year, ugh), the Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover, April's String Me Along bee block...seems like there are more, but that's all I can think of right now!

Head over to Freshly Pieced to see what everybody else has been up to.

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  1. Great job!! I love the skirt, it looks adorable! The walls in our house looked a lot like yours after the wallpaper came down, good luck with the patching, I know it's no fun! Great idea using inexpensive fabric for your first Jamie dress, I'll have to remember that if/when I ever try garment sewing!!

  2. I've been thinking of making Dana's skirt. This might the the last straw to put it on my long, LONG list. And is everybody making a Sis Boom dress? Peer pressure strikes again, two-fold. Oh and using the selvage - genius!

    Your postage stamp strips are scary, fiddly busy time. I remember two well lining up all the pieces to my big one. A 49-patch and there were 18 of those blocks. Guess I'm still suffering from post traumatic quilting disorder.

  3. I love that you used the selvage!!

  4. Good thinking with doing a trial run on the dress, I'm just crossing all things crossable and hoping for the best, haha! That skirt looks just adorable, I'll have to check out that tutorial. Great WIPs!!

  5. That dress actually looks really cute as a solid! I bet you'll be able to see the ruffles really pop. :)

  6. You are looking so adorably pregnant in that last pic! Great job on that skirt. It really suits you and I'm glad to hear it was a quick and easy project for you.

  7. Love that skirt, the fabric you used is gorgeous! I love your shot standing on the bathtub! Good luck matching the texture on the walls, that can be quite the challenging job!

  8. That skirt is too adorable. Love that you had to stand on the bathtub! Very smart doing the Jamie dress in cheapy fabric first. I wish I had done that. Good luck with the walls.

  9. Your skirt looks so cute; I love your fabric choice. And I just have to say I love the color on your bathroom walls-our kitchen is nearly the same color--a very cheery wake-you-up color!

  10. So super cute skirt! That skirt is basically the same skirt I make for Claire, and I love it! So easy! I need to make one for myself ;)

  11. Great job on the skirt! you are talented! I like your blog!

  12. What a cute skirt! You look adorable! Nice job on the edge-of-bathtub picture, LOL. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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