Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April: Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover

April already? Where has the year gone?!

Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover

The beginning of another month means another pattern. I hope you're excited! I already know what some of you are thinking, "A checkbook cover? Who even uses those anymore?" And honestly, you might be right, but I know quite a few people who do still use them (myself included!), so I hope plenty of you still find a use for this month's project. And even if you don't, check below for another variation!

Here are the fabrics (and maybe some more plain black, I don't have much of that football print) I'll be using. Please don't laugh! I promised a friend back during football season that I would make her a checkbook cover, and just now getting around to it. She's also the one I made the Chiefs purse for, so they'll go together perfectly.

Checkbook cover fabric

Once again, I'm really excited about the giveaway this month! April is sponsored by Bev from Flamingo Toes, who is absolutely amazing.

If you don't know who she is or haven't been a long-time follower (or short, for that matter!), make sure you clear out the next couple hours & go check out her blog! So, so much fun stuff. And if you aren't a follower, you just missed out on one of the best weeks of the year - Anthro Necklace Knockoff Week! I'm already looking forward to next year when I really hope she'll do it again (are you reading this Bev? Don't let me down!!!).

So, to entice you to make this month's project, Bev is offering a choice of one pair of earrings from her Etsy shop! Oh the choices!

April giveaway

April giveaway

April giveaway

Those last ones are my favorite! But really, they're all so gorgeous. Make sure you check out the shop to see your other choices.

Bev is also including her fantastic Rebecca Shoulder Bag pattern.

April giveaway - Rebecca bag

I have to tell you, if these awesome prizes don't get you in the mood to sew this month, I'm not sure what will!

You know it can't be a sew along introductory post without a pattern review from Sara at Sew Sweetness, and this month is no exception! :) I mentioned before that if you aren't certain about making (or needing) a checkbook cover, there might a variation that would work for you. Sara inadvertently made a CD wallet on her first try, but it turned out so nice, you could certainly use the idea for yourself! Make sure you head over to check out her pattern review & both of her versions.

For another pattern review & some more inspiration, head over to Langes Fädchen, Faules Mädchen.

I definitely recommend (as always) that you check out what these ladies think of the pattern. I think we can all learn from each other about possible easier & more efficient ways to do things.

Remember you can ask questions & post pictures in the Flickr Group throughout the month.

Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover

Remember, it's still not too late to enter your Origami Bag(s) to win the March prize. Head over to link up for your chance to win!

Until next time...


  1. you're right, I am thinking "who uses checkbook covers anymore" - yet, it's so cute....

  2. If anyone in the sew-a-long doesn't know what to do with their checkbook cover when they're done - I would love one! lol

  3. I've got a crazy schedule this month so not sure if I'll be able to join in on this one. Hoping that I will be able to but may be late to proceedings :)

  4. I really want to make this one - I love the small size, and my mother still uses a checkbook, so I know she wouldn't mind another cover!

  5. The good news is for everyone worrying about finding the time is that it's a quick pattern to sew. Especially if you leave off some of the pesky top stitching like I did. :)

    I love Flamingo Toes! Great job getting us a fab sponsor for this month.

  6. This is the sew-along project I've been most looking forward to, and I probably won't even begin until around the 20th. Fingers crossed I can finish one before May.

  7. Thanks again Bree! And those are some awesome prizes...those last earrings are my favorite too, and I've never seen that pattern before, but I really really want it!!

  8. I made this one a couple months back. I found it to be very bulky using the home dec fabric. I feel, a lighter weight fabric would work much better, perhaps using a firming interfacing on the exterior fabrics along with a lighter weight interfacing on the interior fabrics.
    Just my 2 cents ;).

  9. I agree w/ Jen. I used home dec and some denim and it was WAY too bulky. Lighter weight fabric would be better and firming interface on the exterior would be much better!


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