Monday, May 10, 2010

Addison's Blanket

I’m doing this one a little out of order, but since I just finished it up, it makes sense to go ahead & post it while it’s still fresh in my mind.

This is my second blanket using the 90° angle, the first was Emma’s Blanket, which I’m sure I’ll get around to posting one of these days. ;) They are both based off this Fiesta pattern from Red Heart.

For Addie’s blanket I played around with the color pattern to make sure the lines matched up when I rotated the squares. I love the way the lines flow through the blanket & am pretty happy with how the seams came out. They still show up a little more than I would like, but it’s not too bad. I made sure to leave decent tails on the rows as I was going, then just used those to sew the blanket together. For this blanket I didn’t do any edging, just a simple single crochet border to finish the edges. Partly because the blanket is sort of busy & I thought a nice simple edge went well, and partly just because I got sort of lazy. :)

I’ve got a lot more ideas now that I can do this 90° angle & am really excited to try out some new stuff. Unfortunately I’m kind of “blanketed out” right now, and don’t think I’m going to do the other one I wanted to do before June. I just don’t have the time like I do in the winter, and it’s just too darn warm most nights (Or at least it should be! This week has been an exception, and I’m not happy about it) to have a blanket on my lap while I’m sewing the squares together or edging. I suppose that’s probably another reason I chose not to do more of an edge on Addie’s blanket.

I’m still sorting out how to get each angle to be a perfect square. My stitches seem to be taller than they are wide (or the other way around, I can’t remember for sure right now), so it’s not quite perfectly square. When they are sewn together, it’s not too bad, but you can tell the corners are a little stretched looking, even though they really aren’t. I should have taken a picture of one of the individual squares to show what it’s doing, but of course I didn’t think of that until just now. The first blanket I did like this, I used a J hook & it was even more off square. For this one I switched to a K hook & it’s definitely better, so I think for the next one I’ll try to move up one more size. I don’t want to get too big, but I’d really like to get things better lined up. I don’t know if going smaller would help or not, I’m definitely no expert when it comes to all this! I did forget to measure Emma’s blanket before I gave it away, but Addie’s blanket is about 31x48 inches, so I’ll have to measure the next one & see if it’s much different with the bigger hook. The original pattern says the finished blanket will be approx. 39x58 inches. I never bother gauging, but I suppose I should.

I showed the blanket to a woman here at work & she said she’d like to have the pattern to make one of her own, so I guess I should get busy writing it out. Since it’s based on the Fiesta pattern it won’t be too hard, but I did change a few things so I’ll have to find the pattern I made for myself & see what I can come up with. I’m not expert at writing patterns by any means, but I’m willing to give it a go. I did write out the pattern for hat #3 yesterday, and it seems to be okay, so maybe it won’t be as bad as I think. Hopefully. :)

Until next time…

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