Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Stitches

Well, for me at least.

Remember last week when I mentioned the diaper cover uses hdc, which I didn’t know I knew before, but thought I had used? Turns out, I was still wrong. On all the covers I’ve made so far, I have not used hdc, but some random stitch I seem to have made up. This weekend for some reason I decided to pull out my “Crochet Pocket Guide,” (a GREAT resource to keep handy, definitely pick one up if you’re still a beginner) and noticed that I’m still doing the hdc wrong. Now that I’ve got it sorted out, for real this time, I think the next diaper cover will go together much quicker.

Yesterday I found a few bootie patterns I wanted to try out & settled on “Mock Crocs” to try first. I got the sole done & was working on the top on the way home from work, when I came across sc dec. I knew it was a single crochet decrease, but had no idea how to do it. I hadn’t ever done it before, and hadn’t even seen instructions for it, so I didn’t even bother trying to attempt anything. As soon as we got home I got on the computer (we were waiting for a contractor, so I didn’t really have anything better to do) & figured out how to do the stitch, as well as the dc dec. Annie’s Attic is a fantastic resource for stitches & hasn’t let me down. Unfortunately the decrease stitches aren’t included in my pocket guide (of course!), so I was a little disappointed about that (I would have been able to finish in the car!), but it’s got a lot of other good stuff, so I still recommend picking it up.

The first bootie turned out absolutely adorable & I couldn’t wait to get the second one done. Nick kept saying we should try them on Raven. He’s always scoffed whenever we see the dog booties, so he was just being obnoxious. My favorite comment though was when I was working on the second one & he looked at me in surprise, “You’re making two?!” Umm…duh honey, babies have two feet! And then he went on about how they won’t stay on the baby’s feet because the back is open, so I told him it’s not like they’ll be running a 5k in these things. And then it was “their toes will get cold.” Good grief, Charlie Brown! It’s summer (or at least supposed to be), and they can wear socks if it’s chilly. The man cracks me up.

Pictures to come when I figure out a good way to photograph them. I need a real baby to model stuff! ;)

Until next time…

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