Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diaper Covers

Last week when I posted some of my hats to my Facebook page, a woman I went to high school with made the comment that if I made diaper covers we’d be in business. She’s a photographer as a side job & does some great pictures. She wanted them to use when she photographs babies, so I decided it sounded like a good challenge.

I looked around online to try to find a good pattern I thought I could handle (I still consider myself a beginner!), and wasn’t too excited about what I was finding. They were cute patterns, don’t get me wrong, but they all worked “in the round,” making a pull up diaper cover. I prefer to work on flat projects & am only just starting to get the hang of simple hats. Plus I didn’t want to have to mess around with elastic or ribbon for the waist. Then I found this pattern. I loved the button, and it looked MUCH simpler than the other patterns I saw. From the picture, I was able to figure out the basic shape of the pattern, but had no idea what size to make it, so I went ahead and bought the pattern. I’m so glad I did! She uses a different stitch I didn’t know before (but had inadvertently used, remember my first post about crochet when I thought I’d made up some random stitch? Turns out it was hdc. Who knew?!), which makes a nice tight pattern without being as small as a single crochet.

I got the pattern Tuesday & started working on it over my lunch break. I was amazed at how quick I was able to work it once I got the hdc stitch figured out. I got about half way through it over lunch & finished it up waiting for Nick to get out of work. I had to raid my sewing box at home to find a button for it, and it probably wouldn’t be my first choice, but it turned out pretty cute.

I’m not crazy about this yarn (90% acrylic, 10% nylon), it’s not quite as soft as I’d like, but it’s okay. I ordered a bunch of cotton yarn yesterday, so I’m excited for that to get in so I can get working with it.

For the second one, I switched yarn (100% acrylic) to do a pink one & decided I’d like to try to put ruffles on the back of it. I just got a hat pattern that had a ruffle around the rim, so I used that part of the pattern to add ruffles to the back of the diaper cover. The ruffles took just about as long to make as the rest of the cover, but I think it’s totally worth it – they’re so adorable! I had been thinking about using a different color for the ruffles, and I still can’t decide if it would look good or not. They would be easy to take off if it looks bad, but I don’t want to lose all the time it takes to make them! It’s probably worth it thought just to see how it looks, so I’ll try it out with some of the yarn I’ve got sitting around at home before I try it with the good cotton.

When I told Nick last night about selling the covers he couldn’t believe how much I was asking for them (not that much, I swear! Much less than I've seen them on Etsy) and said I should quit my job and “knit for a living.” I didn’t point out to him (for the 100th time, I swear) that I crochet, not knit, but did agree that I would love to be able to do that. For now, I’m happy being able to donate the majority of what I make to charity, and make a few bucks on the side to pay for my yarn obsession. :)

Hopefully McKenzie, the photographer, will share some of her pictures with me so I can post them here.

Until next time…

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