Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cosmo Bag: Inspiration

I was nosing around Flickr a bit the other day & found some great completed Cosmo Bags.

I really love this one from Sewbeeit, what a great idea to add the extra smaller pocket!

Inside of Cosmo Bag

I was trying to figure out when I was cutting fabric if I wanted to go ahead & add both of the big pockets. I do like the idea of having them, since the bag is so big, but I was also worried about losing smaller items. I thought about using the large pocket from the pattern for one side and just doing a couple smaller pockets on the other side, but I like this idea of using both. My only concern would be if there was anything heavy in the small pocket (cell phone), it might kind of pull down the side of the big pocket. So now I'm thinking I might go ahead & put the big pockets on both sides, but put a small pocket inside the big pocket, but attached to the interior panel of the bag. Make sense? Clear as mud! :)

The outside of her bag is great too, love this orange print!

Cosmo Bag

I absolutely love the colors on this one from EmilySue. What a perfect way to bring spring to a dreary January (at least around here)!

Teal & Gray Cosmo Bag

Super fun fabric from Modernjax!

Cosmo Bag

More great colors from SleepytimeSewing. Of course, I'm partial to anything orange. :)

Amy Butler Cosmo Bag

So how's everybody doing on their progress? I'll admit, I'm running a little behind & am finally finishing up getting all my pieces cut out, but I'm planning on some marathon sewing this weekend & hopefully I can get it done!

Don't forget you can head over to the Flickr group to share pictures & discuss.

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  1. Nice pics! I am not as far along as expected (cutting and fusing all that interfacing took forever!), but have the pleats done and will tackle handles tomorrow.
    BTW: I've lined my pockets with a solid, using a separate contrast binding strip at the top edge. I don't have much of the contast stripe for the exterior, and didn't want to "waste" it on the inside pocket where it doesn't show. If anyone's curious, details are here: .

  2. Thanks for including me! Good luck with your sewing this weekend!

  3. I got fed up of fusing all the pieces as the fusible stuff I'm using was rubbish and kept coming away from the fabric. I'm going to attempt to finish fusing the handles over the weekend so I can crack on with construction. I did manage to do the pleats on the main bag panels and have attached the band to the top of the panels. I'll add pics to the flickr group soon. I am a paper pattern novice so this is quite scary for me

  4. Those are great fabrics and great inspiration for those of us who haven't even picked our fabric. Not that I'm naming any names. I can't seem to find the time on weeknights to sew which means I've only got two weekends left. Eek!

  5. What a fun post. Some very talented purse making in deed. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  6. Thanks for including me! I really need the fabric Modernjax used. Yes, I mean NEED!

  7. Thanks for including me! I use my bag to cart all my fabric to sewing group every week, it's perfect!


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