Monday, January 17, 2011

Let sleeping dogs lie.

(Umm...does that feel like bad grammar to anybody else?)

Normally, Raven prefers to lay with her head on something. Anything, really - pillows, blankets, her toys, feet, sometimes she's happy just to have her head on a different surface than her body. She'll lay down on the carpet, but put her head on the wood floor. She's kinda odd like that. :)

So this is how she often sleeps:

She likes to prop her head on the edge of her bed, but sometimes she'll put it on her toy (if she has one in her bed, and I'll admit - I'm the one who put Eeyore in her bed), and sometimes she likes to rest her chin on the Rubbermaid tub that sticks out from under the bed.

The other night, however, she did this:

She got into her bed, and immediately buried her head under Eeyore. I couldn't believe my eyes. I just had to laugh & point it out to Nick, who cracked up as well. It's like she was trying to keep the light out of her eyes so she could go to sleep.

Until next time...

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